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Dave Sill <sparge at gmail.com> , 15/2/2015 4:43 PM:


>…No doubt that idea has appeal, but the fundamental draw of athletics is the performance of the athletes. …-Dave



I can’t get this out of my mind.  Driverless cars are have had and are having a huge impact on our thinking.  I see the Google car tooling around several times a year now.  I saw it a couple months ago over by the Apple mothership.  But the visual image of a motorcycle going by itself will be so striking it will change hearts and minds.  It will completely change what we think a computer can do.


Soon we will have open market self-driving cars, but even those of us who anticipate these things will not trust them.  I won’t: I will be a Nervous Nellie the whole time the thing is driving.  But consider once they get good enough you have a stadium motocross with a pack of guys chasing one robo-bike and can’t catch it.  That entire stadium will be transformed.


I can’t help thinking there must be a way to make a buttload of money off of this.



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