[ExI] The Robot Big Bang

Carsten Zander Carsten.Zander at t-online.de
Sat Feb 21 14:51:07 UTC 2015

we should give the thing a name!
Memorable terms are important to illustrate important things to the people.

A suggestion:
We should establish the term "ROBOT BIG BANG"

The Robot Big Bang will happen years BEFORE the Singularity occurs.

This could happen (x = robots):
2015 xx
2016 xxx
2017 xxxx
2018 xxxxx
2019 xxxxxx
2020 xxxxxxx
2021 xxxxxxxxxx
2022 xxxxxxxxxxxx
2023 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
2024 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
2025 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Robot Big Bang
2035 Singularity (years later)

The Robot Big Bang will have the following characteristics:
- Robots will become very cheap and will spread rapidly around the world.
- All simple activities can performed by robots.
- Most people will lose their jobs to robots.
- All people will need a basic income.
- Robots themselves will be produced by robots.
- Robots will transmit their skills, knowledge and abilities to other 
- All people will be able to produce most things on their own with the 
help of robots and 3-D printers (3-D printers are like robots).




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