[ExI] Black hole brains (was Re: taxonomy for fermi paradox fans)

Stuart LaForge avant at sollegro.com
Mon Feb 23 19:46:02 UTC 2015

Here is a crazy new scenario to add to the list:

Perhaps the time period between a civilization developing recursively  
self-improving general AI and its subsequent development of  
computronium is relatively short compared to geologic time scales.  
Computronium, being the maximally optimized medium for computation,  
quickly saturates the Beckenstein bound of their region of space-time  
by being so information dense. This causes their space-time to warp to  
the point of pinching itself off, forming an event horizon around  
them. This effectively renders the civilization a black hole to those  
observers still in comparatively flat space-time meaning that since no  
information can escape the event horizon, no civilization outside the  
black hole can detect the civilization inside the black hole.

Meanwhile, inside the black hole, the post-singularity civilization  
effectively exists in its own universe, with mass-energy and  
information continually pouring in from the outside. Thus, limited  
perhaps to competition between like civilizations, the civilization in  
question can grow to massive proportions becoming a Kardeshev scale  
type 3 civilization, controlling their galaxy by becoming the billion  
solar mass black hole galactic nucleus. Thereby secretly ruling a  
galaxy without ever leaving home.

If any of the authors on the list would like to write a science  
fiction novel on this premise, I would gladly co-author or consult  
with them for a share of the profits. :-)

Stuart LaForge

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