[ExI] beheadings etc

Mirco Romanato painlord2k at libero.it
Fri Feb 27 14:56:38 UTC 2015

Il 27/02/2015 02:33, John Grigg ha scritto:
> This discussion reminds me of the Dune series by Frank Herbert, and how
> his message was to beware of religious fanaticism and messiahs.  I
> remember how even Paul Atreides knew that by unleashing his priests and
> other fanatical warriors on the galaxy, that their would be untold
> massacres and war crimes.
> I wish Frank Herbert were still around (he has been gone for around 30
> years) to tell us what he thinks of ISIS, and the over-all situation in
> the Middle East.

I suppose "Threat them as you would threat Harkonnen".


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