[ExI] beheadings etc.

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Il 26/02/2015 15:50, Anders Sandberg ha scritto:

>> ... most members were totally ordinary people swept into a pathological

>...Any solution to propose?

>...How we interact with people like these?

>...ISIS Destroys Archaeological Treasures in Mosul


>...And when they have no idols to destroy, they start with people.


Mirco, on the contrary sir.  The museums have guards.  These must be
defeated, slain or scattered.  So they start with people and when they have
no people to destroy, they start with idols.

But let's look at it another way, shall we?  The middle east has some of the
most ancient antiquities known.  The archaeological treasures of Mosul
attracted tourists from all over the world.  The tourists were in danger
from being kidnapped and held for ransom, then slain.  Result: the tourists
will not come to Mosul because the antiquities have been smashed to shards
and hurled into the landfill, history books are rewritten to start in the
7th century, with anything previous being irrelevant, being either redundant
or heresy, tourists go elsewhere, lives are saved.


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