[ExI] Startup Helps Dying Patients Get Experimental Drugs

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Wed Jan 14 01:05:04 UTC 2015

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Subject: [ExI] Startup Helps Dying Patients Get Experimental Drugs

Well, that didn't take long.


myTomorrows is working with drug companies to get not-yet-approved
treatments stuck in regulatory purgatory to patients--giving them one last
chance to survive...BillK

I sure don't see why not.  If a person qualifies, they have some condition
which will slay them for sure.  I don't see why not go down swinging, play
the old pharmaceutical lottery one last time, take a last shot in the dark
rather than die with one round left in the chamber.  Even if the result is
negative, I would feel better knowing I contributed to humanity in some
small way, even if it is a negative result, just another data point for
medical science to consider.

A bit stronger argument: plenty of patients do attempt some Hail Mary play
as the clock runs down.  It is better to go ahead and assure the test-pilot
patient and the experimental family and their doctors that this is legal, so
keep in mind your ethical obligation to share the results with the whole
world.  Currently all we get are the odd positive results, so we go off down
far too many blind alleys, when we don't know for sure which medication
helped the patient or if it was one of those unexplainable cases of
spontaneous remission of a usually fatal condition.

Way to go, MyTomorrows!


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