[ExI] internet security

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Mon Jan 19 23:33:30 UTC 2015

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Subject: Re: [ExI] internet security

>...email is cleartext and can be read by anyone.  That is how the protocol
works.  Even if you use https to connect to your email, that just encrypts
between you and the server.  The server then stores it in plain-text in most
cases.  (Google just started encrypting their email at rest recently.)

Cool thanks Harvey.
>...(Remember when I spoke about Internet spying back in 2001 at Extro-5?
Harvey Newstrom   www.HarveyNewstrom.com

Ja sure do!  That was one of my favorite pitches.  Unlike the really spacey
stuff we were going on about in those days, the internet security pitch was
down to earth and practical.  It was ahead of its time.


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