[ExI] My personal "intelligence" failure regarding Bitcoin...

John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 23 20:04:32 UTC 2015

Well, just as governments and military's view intelligence gathering about
events in the world around them as keenly important, so do individuals.  My
own personal intelligence gathering failure has been regarding Bitcoin.  I
think of myself as a person who knows what is going on in the cutting edge
of technological development, in large part due to my membership in this
list, but I don't remember reading anything about Bitcoin here, until quite
recently.  I feel like this has become an "old fogey" list of people who
are no longer surfing the edge of real world technological progression, at
least in a way that can really benefit them.  I suppose I should have also
been hanging out with the hacker/coder/Libertarian crowd.  But I view the
Extropy-list as "home."

How many of you not only learned about Bitcoin in time to buy/mine coins at
very low cost (and later make a huge profit), but upon learning about it,
saw an opportunity, and actually seized it?  In my case, a Mormon
Transhumanist Association friend posted about it to an email list, in early
July of 2010, but he was restrained about it, and so not sensing enthusiasm
and an endorsement (I respect his intelligence and viewpoints), I let it
pass without grasping the opportunity.  I kick myself over it now,
endlessly, because I have had my financial struggles (to say the least),
and this could have transformed my life!

Bitcoin only reentered my awareness, over the past six months or so, due to
news about it finally hitting a critical mass in the media.  I finally last
week bought myself ten little (they do both scrypt and sha-256) miners, and
will be putting them to work.  This is probably "too little, too late," but
at least I am trying, and I view it more as a hobby, than anything else.
Also, a very bright FB friend has started up his own virtual currency, and
I will be investing in it, with my fingers crossed, that the value will
explode sometime down the road.  My basic strategy is to buy/mine currently
low value virtual coins, hang onto them for 5-10 years if necessary, and
then sell at least some of them, as the prices go (hopefully) steadily up.
And I can of course sell the cheap coin brands I mine, to turn around and
buy tiny fractions of Bitcoin.

Anyway, thank you my friends, for letting me rant.  I feel like I will
still be regretting this botched opportunity thirty years from now! lol
 This was most likely, a once in a lifetime event, which I blew.  You
should see all the people on the net, who wrote about their similar
experiences of frustration!  It's almost endless...


P.S. If anyone here builds or comes across a time machine, please zip over
to my location in Mesa, Arizona, and then take me back to the year 2009!
But not until we look at dinosaurs and then assassinate Hitler!!!  ;  )
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