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>…This video is just of the Andromeda Galaxy but it was made by a real still picture taken by the Hubble telescope and has some of the same feel as that wonderful powers of ten movie, the actual picture is so big it would take 750 HD TV's to display so that's why NASA made it into a movie.


John K Clark 




Cool thanks John.  That’s part of one galaxy.  Now go into NASA’s Hubble ultra-deep sky views, and note that every one of those distant smudges of light is a galaxy like the one you just viewed in the link above:




As you try to wrap your head around the notion, don’t be surprised if this exercise wraps the notion around your head.  Then note that it doesn’t easily unwrap.


Nowthen my friends, I am not kidding.  There is just no damn way we are the only tech-enabled lifeform anywhere, just plain old no way.  Ja I know the usual arguments: we would have seen them by now, or, intelligent life is infinitesimally rare, or, someone somewhere has to be first and apparently it is us.  Ja ja ja I get that and I have entertained all that, but… there is just no way we are the only ones here.  We are systematically doing something waaaay wrong, and no one has thought of it yet, but we are, we must be.  All those stars, all those planets, and we know a lot about exactly one, and that one is teeming with intelligent life.


Keep thinking and keep looking at these images, with profound astonishment.


Is this a crazy cool time to be alive, or what?



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