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News just in......

Oldest Planetary System Discovered, Improving the Chances for
Intelligent Life Everywhere
by Nancy Atkinson on January 27, 2015



Yes, I am surprised that rocky planets could form only 3 bullion years after the Big Bang.

  John K Clark




Indeed?  The early universe would have had plenty of type 1A supernovae near the core of a galaxy.  The ejected metals would form accretion discs around neighboring stars, and you get rocky planets.


I would have gone along with your notion had you said wet rocky planets.  It is a fun time to be alive for those who ponder how we got to be that rare type, but I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if dry rockies were found as early as 3 billion years or before.  There must have been 1As everywhere back in those days.  Seems like we should be able to measure that with the Hubble ultra-deep images.





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