[ExI] "Neuroscientist Michele Ross Describes Her First Experience with DMT"

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Wed Jul 1 07:45:31 UTC 2015

"Maybe the benefit of beauty is that it inspires us to care about the
world. It certainly impacted neuroscientist Michele Ross’s life that way,
when she tried DMT, the potent psychedelic, in an effort to release her
childhood trauma.

Her story’s more compelling, in some ways, because she’s more disposed than
most to wrap her mystical experience in words, in chemistry and graphs –
and yet the real embodied source of every spiritual experience that’s ever
happened is within us all, irrespective of our job descriptions. In her own
words, here’s how awe, no matter how it’s triggered, leads to moral action.

At first, her DMT experience was merely pretty: “Most beautiful sunset
ever!…but then things started *changing*.”

“Time and space was bending. I was falling into a black hole…and then I
felt like I was floating in a white, sparkly type world…it felt like I was
with deceased, amazing, really important people…who wanted me to be safe.
It felt like I was sitting at The Last Supper and it was completely

We have to accommodate the experience of the sacred in society; it is
*from* this
experience that all our best impulses flow, self-evident that everything’s
deserving of the Universal Love. Even as a hyper-intellectual, the
explanations only carried Dr. Ross so far. The passion in her voice and
eyes as she recounts her moral evolution as a doctor is an echo of the
heavy-beauty-true-surrender to the darkbright Source she exudes:

“The old me would have never been able to rationalize that. I felt that
power and love and compassion and felt like I needed…to bring it back into
the world with me. My focus is now on healing people, helping people…it
really wasn’t about that before.”

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