[ExI] Why so much published 'science' is wrong.

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> >>...      I did some searching and found this whole discussion on reducing
> >      calculus education veered off in the wrong direction by about a radian... 
> >...In the paleolithic era I taught math at SDSU. Later, I realized statistical inference, not calculus, was the future. It's happening, albeit slowly in human terms.
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> Rex COOL!  You never told us you are a former math professor.  Our friend Rex is far too modest.  In this crowd, that profession is about as high-status as it gets.

LIS, it was the paleolithic era (late '60s early '70s) and I didn't
have the Union Card so I wasn't tenure track. I drifted off into
what is now called the quant world of stochastic PDEs and such.
I still try to work in the area, but I'm mostly an old dog lying on
the porch watching the pups romp and wishing that I could still do
that. So, don't expect much. :(

I put my "lab notebook" on Mediawiki and eventually made it public, so
anyone can see the math stuff I've played with over the last few years.


Most of it is quite incomplete, but a few pages have some R code that
some might find useful or interesting. For example, does knowing the
suit of an ace change the probability a hand contains two aces?


Believers in martingale betting might learn something from
this page:


> I think you were right all along.  Sir, approximately when did you reach that conclusion?

I don't know. I ranted about the waste of time inculcating integration
tricks when I was teaching, but my drift into recognizing the
relative importance of statistical inference came later. Now, I use
R for almost everything.


My tagline was stripped by a bug I've never been able to locate.
Let's see if it escapes this time...

"Torture numbers and they'll confess anything."


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