[ExI] [Bulk] Re: Self-Driving Cars Must Make Ethical Decisions

spike spike66 at att.net
Wed Jul 29 20:31:27 UTC 2015

>... On Behalf Of BillK

>...As with most issues that involve ethics, I doubt that it's as simple as
just counting accidents.  :) Many small accidents might be preferable to few
serious accidents.

>...It won't help to say that X is the rational decision if the enraged mob
then beats you to death.  BillK

Consider another weirdness.  A long time ago, the Luddites broke electric
street lamps because they were putting lamplighters out of business.  What
use could they possibly be if they were so far down on the jobs food chain
they were lighting street lamps for pennies?  Now consider the modern
counterpart, taxi drivers: pretty much the bottom of the food chain
career-wise.  The robo-cars and robo-trucks definitely are a big threat to
professional drivers, and they, like the lamplighters of old, may find
alternative employment scarce.  

I can easily envision people intentionally crashing or interfering in some
way with robo-cars.  Good example, a prole sees one coming with no one at
the wheel, she knows she can walk out in front of it and not face
significant risk.  She can wait right up to the last second to walk out,
give the passenger a rough ride.  Taxi drivers might do stuff like this for


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