[ExI] Self-Driving Cars Must Make Ethical Decisions

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>…We have to add to 'nothing is idiot proof', 'nothing is genius proof'.  Although....

>…Maybe airplanes have a different kind of hardware and software, but no one has remotely controlled one yet, right?  


On the contrary, sir.


>…I have to bet they've tried.  bill w



Roger that.  Lockheed build a passenger aircraft which was pre-programmed.  It was demonstrated by having the aircraft take off from Burbank and fly to New York without a human hand ever touching the controls.  That demonstration was in 1965.  The capability was never used.


Modern fighter planes have a technology called ACFIT, an acronym for Anti-Controlled Flight Into Terrain.  If the pilot aims the aircraft at the ground and goes full throttle, the plane decides when is the last second and takes action (it pulls up, without commands from the pilot.)  The whole program had mixed reviews.  The pilots didn’t like the notion of asking the computer to do something and having the computer fly the plane.  They thought it was less being in command and more being in suggest of the aircraft.  Others pointed out that if the pilot passes out or is too seriously injured to fly, that ACFIT could save their lives.  The Navy realized that if the pilot was slain in an air battle, at least they get their expensive plane back.


If your question was more towards: has anyone tried to hack and take over control of an aircraft, the Iranians are claiming that’s how they captured one of our drones.



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