[ExI] Self-Driving Cars Must Make Ethical Decisions

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>>…If your question was more towards: has anyone tried to hack and take over control of an aircraft, the Iranians are claiming that’s how they captured one of our drones.




​>…So then, is it just a matter of time before someone hacks into a commercial jet and crashes it?  Or if the software is so strong, then why couldn't it be put in the cars?​


​bill w​



It can be put in cars.  

As to your questions, the Iranians are claiming they spoofed a control signal and took over the drone.  Drones need to have antennas and access to control systems, since no one is on board.

The situation that is coming ever more clear is that robo-cars need to be controllable somehow from the outside.  Scenario: prole is having a possible heart attack, can’t afford an ambulance ride, gets in car and tells it to go to the hospital, but on the way, gets worse and decides perhaps she can afford an ambulance ride (have you seen those modern ones?  Heart attack victims are better off in a modern ambulance than they were in the hospital twenty years ago.)  OK so she can’t really drive but the ambulance can pull up along side.  I suppose a skilled ambulance driver would pull up to the left and forward of the robo-car and force it to the shoulder.  

The cops are going to want a pull-over button so they can sniff the car for cash, but we might suppose they too could force it over.

If the cops have a pull-over button, the bad guys can get to it.



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