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>>…Cool, now a downer: if we post these ideas in this forum, are we defeating ourselves?  I assume they can’t be patented once they are in the public domain, so then people who would create something like this for profit won’t bother?  Do we have intellectual property hipsters here?  IP Brians, do you know?  Anyone else?


>…Contrary to what it is currently in vogue for software VCs to believe, an idea does not have to be patented to make revenue-generating software on it.  Frankly, the old line about "1% inspiration 99% perspiration" applies for any significantly complex commercial software… Adrian



Cool thanks.  So now I am imagining a base which contains four D cells, where the retired cell phone stands up and is plugged into a cradle, with power conditioning the ~6 volts down to 5V and current limited  (about 10 mA should be plenty (since it only needs to operate the cameras for a week or two (not charge the phone (without LCD display (and a low-demand processing task.)))))  A plastic cover keeps the phone from weather damage and helps keep it clean in a polliny bee-ey environment.  The phone already has memory in it, so the hardware end if the bee station could be as simple as ten bucks worth of plastic: a cover and a device to hold 4 D cells.


That part is easy, now comes the 99% perspiration part.  I know how to filter sound pressure levels by frequency bands and turn that into a voltage (we might even be able to use the cell phone’s internal software which controls simplex transmission (it detects the amount of signal coming into the microphone and compares with the signal received, then transmits if you are talking and receives if the SPL is below the threshold.)  I might even be able to do that where we use the retired cell phone as the data logger.  But I am waaaay not hip on how to do image recognition with a cell phone camera.  It would be crazy cool if we could figure out a way to do it, but I am not there yet, and don’t expect to arrive there in the next few weeks, oy vey.



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