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>...In regard to your question about IP law, in the US (EU et al may
differ), you have one year from the time you first publicly demonstrate...
Doing so would allow you to legally claim your device as patent-pending and
give you the right to go after infringers during this first year...Stuart


Cool thanks Avant.

I don't want to claim the IP myself, rather just keep some other yahoo from
patenting it out of the reach of the public domain.  From what Anders
posted, I don't think there is anything I suggested that others haven't
already been working on for some time, so no worries.

This year is a puzzle: I see plenty of bees but also plenty of dead or dying
ones, so I suppose that makes sense: last year there were very few bees, so
plenty of nectar and pollen to go around, then this year heavy birth rate,
not enough food, lots of visible dying.  Perhaps next year will be light

I have an idea: I am on good terms with the mayor.  He has sent out mailing
from the city urging proles to cut down on water.  Perhaps I can write
something for him to include, a suggestion to replace grass with
drought-tolerant bee friendlies.  Our mayor is a well-liked guy, people
might listen to him.


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