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Anders, don't underestimate the Daily Mail, it's what the people out there read. 
That is my worry.

Apropos magazines people ought to read, here is from this week's Nature:

"When Geoffrey Ling talks about the future of technology, his ideas go  flying around the room like a whirlwind. Ling eagerly describes a world  in which people live far beyond their natural lifespans, minds can be  downloaded into external 'hard drives' for enhancement by artificial  intelligence and robots and aircraft are controlled by human thought. 
“It's  abso-posi-frickin-lutely going to happen,” he declares. “The next 20  years are going to make our heads spin, because we've already crossed  over into that realm.” 
Ling should know: he is doing as much  as anyone to make these visions real. A neurologist by training, he is  also a US Army colonel and director of the first biology funding office  to operate within the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA),  the Pentagon's avant-garde research arm. The Biological Technologies  Office (BTO), which opened in April 2014, aims to support extremely  ambitious — some say fantastical — technologies ranging from powered  exoskeletons for soldiers to brain implants that can control mental  disorders."We'll see how much of it actually works out (the article is somewhat sceptical of the DARPA approach), but it is nice to see colonels saying stuff like that. 

Anders Sandberg, Future of Humanity Institute Philosophy Faculty of Oxford University
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