[ExI] Probiotics

David Lubkin lubkin at unreasonable.com
Tue Jun 23 17:29:44 UTC 2015

What's the best current advice on what are the best foods, beverages, 
supplements. or pharmaceuticals to consume daily (a) to restore a 
healthy intestinal microbiome given symptoms A or diagnosis B, (b) 
before, during, or after a course of antibiotics, and (c) to maintain 
a healthy ecology? What's your source?

There are so many competing products and claims. And it's not clear 
there's good evidence yet in support of any recommendation over another.

ISTM there are several categories of dietary, medical, or behavioral inputs:

1. Narrow-spectrum antibiotic inputs that are more lethal to harmful 
bacteria than to beneficial;

2. Inputs that mitigate or restore from the harm that the harmful 
bacteria are doing, including coping with their die-off;

3. Beneficial bacteria;

4. Inputs that are more helpful to beneficial bacteria than to harmful; and

5. Inputs that accelerate or buffer the body's adaptation to changes 
in gut bacteria.

-- David.

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