[ExI] nisis and ExI similarity: interest in heads

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Sun Mar 1 14:30:37 UTC 2015

A longtime ExI-chat reader posted me this invitation:

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> Today's Topics:
>    1. Re: beheadings etc. (Anders Sandberg)
>    2. Re: 'The Other Brain' (William Flynn Wallace)
>    3. Human head transplant in two years??? (BillK)
>    4. Re: 'The Other Brain' (Anders Sandberg)
>    5. Re: Human head transplant in two years??? (spike)
>    6. Re: beheadings etc (Tara Maya)

Obviously IS and Extropians are very interested in heads.

We've the AGI-15 in July, in case you know AI/robotics people who're into strong AI and who would love to combine it with a stay in Berlin, let them know (attached announcement).


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