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Tomaz you are entitled to your opinion.  What bothers me is that apparently comments made by you were attributed to Anders.  I know Anders well enough to spot that easily.


Especially on touchy topics such as this one, I ask that we redouble our efforts to correctly identify who said what.




>…Ah, I did not mean to attribute anything to Anders, I left my pronoun ambiguous. I am so sorry, and will take special care to avoid this in the future.




Hi Connor, actually it wasn’t your post, it was a different one.  Anders made the suggestion that we create an organization to work together with PETA that will pay the water bills for economically disadvantaged Detroit residents in exchange for a pledge to go vegetarian.  That sounds like a win-win to me.  I know Anders did not suggest anything or make any generalizations about any genetic group.  That isn’t him.  Arranging the water for meat deal is how Anders rolls.



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