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Astonishing.  According to an affidavit filed by one of the IRS officials
now under scrutiny, the IT guy who examined Lois Lerner's crashed drive was
blind.  See Para 14:




OK then.


Para 10: the drive was removed and delivered to the IRS Criminal
Investigation Division Electronics Crime Forensics Lab.


Para 15: they couldn't recover any data, returned the drive to User and
Network Services.  


Para 17: the drive was degaussed.


Para 20: they tossed the drive in a junk bin and now have no way of knowing
if it was shredded. Note that the affidavit contradicts the testimony of IRS
chief Koskinen who said the drive was destroyed.  


I can imagine they now have the shredder cranked up to redline, grinding
anything they can get their hands on. 



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