[ExI] an inconvenient truth

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Wed Mar 11 05:24:14 UTC 2015


OK then.  We had an IRS director tell us her email was lost because of a
disc crash.  Today we had a former Secretary of State and likely
presidential candidate say she used private email on her own server for
state business because it was more convenient; that way she wouldn't need to
carry two devices.  Indeed.  It is easy to receive and send email from two
different accounts on a single device; even I do that.  So we have a
SecState telling us she compromised the security state business for her


What all this is telling me is that government officials want to control
their own email and they are resisting transparency transparently.  The
former SecState didn't even bother giving us an actual excuse, she gave us a
flimsy excuse for an excuse.  Both of these officials are transparently
resisting transparency.  At the same time, they want to take away our


I firmly demand that every American present read Orwell's 1984.  See what
Orwell had to say about transparency and how his foresight and insight
applies to our situation.  Note the privacy afforded to the inner circle,
the outer circle, the proles.  


Americans, If you have not the time to read Orwell, I demand that you at
least Cliff's Notes, and if you have not the time to read Cliff's Notes, you
have not the time to vote.



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