[ExI] Pythons and rabbits

spike spike66 at att.net
Thu Mar 19 20:23:15 UTC 2015

>... On Behalf Of Keith Henson

>...It also implies how to get rid of the invasive pythons. ...If that
doesn't work, there are other methods ranging from other poisons to spring
wires and explosives.  Keith

That sounds like fun.  I could imagine being on the development team.  Your
mission: figure out how to get a rabbit to carry around a python-triggered
grenade.  That could be messy.  

Another notion: figure out some way to allow Mister Bunny to escape unharmed
with a poison-sac still attached after he is grabbed by a python and the
constriction process begins.  Example: some kind of device which exposes
needles when pressure is applied, which injects the Mister Serpent causing
him to perish before the rabbit.

There must be some kind of toxin which works on snakes.  Check out this


It looks to me like Mister Snake is fine at 1:15, but there is what looks to
me like a bug or another little snake or something that messes with him,
then about 1:25 the big snake is going crazy and by 2:10 the slithery
bastard is done in.  So if we can figure out what did him in, and get some
of whatever was delivered to him, and rig up a rabbit to do that, perhaps we
could have a single rabbit take down more than one python.

The notion of one snake biting another is somehow deeply satisfying.
Whatever that big guy had done to him sure looked like it hurt.


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