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“I think I have a more balanced view, I think that both outcomes are on the
table, the extremely good and the extremely bad,” he says.

“But it makes sense to focus a lot on the possible downsides to see the
work that we need to put in – that we haven’t been doing to date – to make
sure that we don’t fall through any trapdoors. But I think that there’s a
good chance we can get, if we get our act together, a really utopian

In fact, Bostrom’s book isn’t a cut-and-dried analysis of how any machine
intelligence would likely be an evil megabot intent on wiping out the human
race. Much of the book focusses on how easy it would be for a machine
intelligence to believe itself to be happily helping the human race by
accomplishing the goal set out for it, but actually end up destroying us
all in a problem he calls “perverse instantiation”.


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