[ExI] Fungi eat plastic and can survive without oxygen; may clean ocean and landfills

Robert G Kennedy III, PE robot at ultimax.com
Sun May 10 18:00:17 UTC 2015

On a serious note, paleomycology has revealed that fungi ended the 
Carboniferous Age when they learned to eat lignin. Until then, those 
giant tropical forests were a highly effective carbon sequestration 
mechanism with geologic effects.

You should also read up on the Azolla Event, which although having 
nothing to do with fungi, is another example of a small life form that 
had geologic effects amazingly quickly.

Btw, my mycologist friend, she says that mammals are about to be in big 
trouble the way amphibians already are, b/c fungi are learning how to 
operate inside hotter and hotter temperature regimes. Cold-blooded 
creatures have evolved various kinds of anti-fungal defenses over the 
aeons, but mammals did not have to b/c they run too hot. That's about to 

Robert G Kennedy III, PE

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