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I had an idea for bringing about the singularity…  We start with 10^12 bits, set them all to zero, run that, if no singularity, set the first bit to 1, run that, no singularity, second bit to 1 first to 0, and so on…


>…There is of course the obvious problem that 2^2^12 runs is a *tad* more than what can be done in the universe. But there is also another cool problem: the time needed to check whether you get a singularity. 


Well sure, 2^2^12 is about2^10^3.6 or 2^4000 which is about 10^1200 or so programs to try, if we really must think in base 10, the way we wet gooey carbon units like to do.  I still prefer to think of it as 2^2^12.  But if we get on it immediately, perhaps the first singularity-producing program will be sufficiently smart to figure out a way to stop protons from decaying while there are still sufficient numbers of them to pair up with the lonely widow electrons whose protons have already decayed.


>…So on one hand you could have real singularities like AIXI(tl) that are immensely slow, and fake ones that actually aren't going indefinitely but you cannot wait long enough to see that they are fake. In fact, by the uncomputability of the sigma function, I think it follows that there is no Turing-program that can tell them apart even in theory!  Anders Sandberg…


Thanks Anders!  This is so cool.  The Singularity talk is this afternoon.  News at 11.



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