[ExI] What would an IQ of 500 or 1000 look like?

spike spike66 at att.net
Mon May 25 14:43:15 UTC 2015

Anders replied:

>I think a better approach would be to consider how an animal would 
>perceive human intelligence.
>We do incomprehensible or arbitrary things - ...-- David.

This has been an interesting fun exercise, since BillW made a comment months
ago, raising a question of whether dogs reason.  Anyone who had or has a dog
does not ask that question, for we know that dogs do reason, some better
than others.  I have often wondered what dogs think of humans and how we can
apply the insights to how we would relate to another intelligent species or

>From a dog's point of view, humans can make all kinds of magic happen,
perhaps the most important: making appear an endless supply of dog food.
The humans can solve so many problems, but we cannot manage what every dog
can do: identify people and beasts by sniffing them.

Being fed every day from cans, domestic dogs soon lose the instincts to hunt
in packs and survive in the wild.

Imagine an advanced AI which figures out how to do a lot of things we still
haven't mastered, but still lacks some basic skill common to nearly all
humans.  They want to keep the humans as pets, to do for them something
analogous to what dogs do for humans.  Long before the software becomes AI
(in any sense) it takes over some basic tasks.  Humans no longer need to
master those tasks, so we (like domestic dogs) soon lose the collective
ability.  I see evidence of collective ability slipping away everywhere.


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