[ExI] World's first blockchain verified ebook autograph?

PJ Manney pjmanney at gmail.com
Tue May 26 18:12:40 UTC 2015

On Sun, May 24, 2015 at 11:18 PM, Giulio Prisco <giulio at gmail.com> wrote:

> PJ, this is super cool. By the way I started reading your book and
> it's really a page turner, difficult to put down.
> I am intrigued by your hint on Facebook that "the sequel, (ID)ENTITY
> is all about the blockchain," could you say something more about that?
> Thanks so much, Giulio! I don't want to say too much because of spoilers,
other than in a near-future where people trust corporations/governments
less and less [and in my books' universe, for good reason! ;-) ], more and
more verification will go to trustless systems like blockchain technology.
It is fascinating to play with what that might look like and how both the
supposedly powerful and the powerless might react to it. Of course, taking
it to an extreme is what fiction is all about.

Thank you so much for reading!
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