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> I think the article was mainly referring to feral bees, who are also dying
> out.

Feral is correct in North America because honeybees aren't native here.
There are native bees, though, and they're often much better pollinators.
Of course, they're also subject to habitat loss and aren't commercially

I don't think small beekeepers do much moving of hives.

True. Even in fairly developed areas there's plenty of flora to support a
few hives.

> They used to
> rely on  different flowering crops during the year. Certainly nowadays
> moving hives around the country is much more necessary.

It's necessary for agriculture, not for the bees.

> Another point is that feeding their bees doesn't seem to reduce colony
> collapse disorder. Feeding sugar water is only a temporary aid.
> See:
> <
> http://beeinformed.org/2014/06/feeding-honeybees-honey-may-increase-mortality/
> >
> Quote:
> The BIP survey results for 2012 – 2013 did show some differences.
> First, those who fed carbohydrates to their bees lost more colonies,
> significantly more, than those who did not feed. The survey covered
> the same six methods of feeding as before. This time, the participants
> increased to nearly 3800 representing slightly over 557,000 hives
> (nearly double the previous year hive count). Those who chose to feed
> their colonies lost about 45% while those that chose not to feed
> carbohydrates lost 36%.
> Note that both 36% and 45% are more than the 23% shown in the 2011 –
> 2012 survey.
> -------------------

That implies that starvation isn't a factor in CCD. Nectar isn't that
different than sugar water, and worker bees only live a matter of weeks, so
a temporary fix is all that's needed.

> Starvation is only one factor affecting bees. And it probably doesn't
> apply to all bees, as some will be in a more general environment. When
> you have a mix of causes, which don't apply in the same proportions
> everywhere, the solution gets complicated.


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