[ExI] Existential Risks might be underestimated

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>.To my mind the large population is the main problem.  Shall we be forced
on a global basis to institute Chinese limits on birthing?  Enforced
sterility?  License to had a child?

That solution space contains more space than solution.  Reasoning: where
babies are outlawed, only outlaws have babies.  There isn't much we can do
about it, because they outnumber you, so they outvote you.  If you try to
enforce your will anyway, they kill you, which isn't difficult because they
outnumber you.

>.Anyone reading this won't be around to find out, so why worry?  bill w


Our children and their children will be around to find out.  Our frozen
brains will be around to find out, if everything works out better than I


It is clear enough to me that humanity's path to survival is figuring out
some kind of renewable energy source, such as Keith's space based system and
a massive simultaneous ground-based effort.  We would somehow turn the war
machine to the new task of manufacturing solar panels by the jillions, and
somehow turn the legal machine to sweeping away restrictions keeping us from
blanketing huge swaths of desert with ground-based solar facilities.





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