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On Wed, Sep 30, 2015 at 10:44 AM, Flexman, Connor <connor_flexman at brown.edu>
​Here is all I am saying and it is inarguable:  I can judge the ILiad,
Odyssey, the Bible, or absolutely anything any way I want to.  I do not
disregard others' view or put them down.  They have the same right I do to

We are talking about the actions of human beings, though fictional.  Why
should I not be able to approve or disapprove of the actions of my
species?  No doubt that if the Odyssey were real and happened last week,
there would be many who approve of everything about it.  I am not one of

Our species is, or at least can be, barbaric, and I hate that.

Dan's justification of the actions of Odysseus do not float with me.  To me
he is a thug.  Period.

Now if any of you are saying that there is one and only one correct
interpretation of fiction, the Bible, Obama, or reality in any sense, then
we have a whole new discussion.

So, Anders et al, to me there are no shoulds involved in perception of
fiction or reality.  Perhaps the only 'should' is that we should leave
ourselves open to others' views.  I certainly have changed mine a zillion
times in trying to adapt to the world​.  I appreciate that my views may not
be those of the ancient Greeks, and they are certainly not in line with
many people of today.

You got a problem with that?

bill w
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