[ExI] Receipts, Choice and Unintended Consequences

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On Wed, Sep 30, 2015 at 2:23 AM, Ben <bbenzai at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Ha! I wrote the above before reading (from Dan):
> "Many places now ask if the customer want a printed receipt. Places using
> Square also just email a receipt, so nothing gets printed -- unless there's
> a special request"
> So, some element of choice, here - and some pressure to give out an email
> address.

My understanding is that with Square, you give Square your email address. I
don't know how easy it is for the retailer or clerk to find it out from

> Paper is still needed though, at least for many purposes.  There are good
> reasons why the 'paperless office' never took off.

While true, paper use can be seriously reduced for many things. For
instance, about a decade ago, before I used a GPS device, I would print out
directions and maps. Then I started using Garmin devices, and promptly
stopped printing out directions and maps. Now I don't even use dedicated
GPS devices since GPS is available on just about anything -- and if you
have a connection you can access updated maps and directions. If you don't
have a connection -- say, if you're out of area or off the grid, which I
often am -- you can plan ahead and simply have digital copies of maps and
directions on whatever devices you carry.

> There will always be unintended consequences, of course, but the
> 'prescriptive solutions' mindset is at least something we can try to guard
> against.

I agree about top-down solutions. I think the paperless thing is working
itself out now. It will be evolutionary process, but likely a quick one as
people learn it's easier to do without paper in almost all situations and
the younger generation simply doesn't have the same concerns.


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