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> I doubt that sex selection has much to do with it.
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> In case you haven't noticed, males are not noted for being very
> selective re sex.

​That's because it takes much more resources to make a egg than to make a
sperm​, not to mention the difficulties involved in embryo development and

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> Until recently women had to be more selective, as they got landed with
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> the consequences of sex.

​Yes, and because the consequences of sex are so different the ​
​2 sexes have different strategies for getting their genes into the next
generation. As you say males aren't picky ​so peahens can afford to look
drab, they can always find a mate regardless of how they look, and they can
wait until they find a male with a tail they consider exceptionally
beautiful. In most animals the male is more flamboyant than the female but
in the case of the peacock the fashion race seems to have gotten out of

  John K Clark
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