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This comment brought me a smile.  Anders, the biggest adrenaline surge I
have had in the six years since retirement is last year when you and I were
attempting to drive in San Francisco.  {8-]  That gave the old adrenal
system a good workout.  {8^D



Hahaha! Yeah, that was some trip. I felt bad for you. Maybe next time we
should try a slightly more calming environment (or not, to keep the adrenal
glands working). 

Anders Sandberg
I probably would have been OK on that adventure had we been in my ratty old
pickup rather than Mister Lincoln.  Anytime I go into the city in that
rattletrap hunk of Detroit, the proles look at me and assume I have a
sidearm and no insurance.  They give me plenty of room.  {8^D
There are a few cities in America which were invented before cars, such as
Palo Alto and San Francisco.  They are easy to spot: the streets go every
which way, they are overcrowded, the houses and everything else are way too
close together, there is insufficient parking, there really isn't even
anywhere to pull over and just get out of the way.  I used to fly out of JFK
in New York City occasionally, and I always got the feeling they really
needed to bulldoze that place and start over, build it right this time.  Or
just take out about every other building, or replace every third building
with high-rise parking lots.  Or get robo-cars and let those steely-nerved
computer chips worry about the driving.
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