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>>…Think of the possibilities: hide the tracker in your daughter’s car…


>…20 minute flight time (so you'd have to come pick it up after it crashes) - and it doesn't look too stealthy…


Ja.  Any aircraft with multiple vertical axis propellers is operating in an inherently inefficient flight mode.  This is especially true when scaled down this far.


I have a notion that hand-launched horizontal-axis propellers are the way to go, perhaps with Styrofoam structure everywhere to reduce cost.  A Go-Pro is cheap and makes remarkably good video.  Check out this:



The Chinese haven’t decided yet that these things are illegal, but I suspect it is coming there and here.  We can set up cell-phone controlled horizontal-axis propeller craft that could fly around for an hour with current tech.


I am struck by how good is the picture quality in the video above.




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