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>…  Notice even a high velocity spray doesn’t tear down the web.  It is hard to remove spider webs with a garden hose, even one with a good nozzle on it.  Do try it, see for yourself…spike


Hey cool.  BillW sent me an offlist comment that gives me a hell of an idea.  Most of us have seen spider webs on our Detroits hang on unaffected in a high speed dash.  My scaling equations are suspect when you start getting at spider web speeds, so now we need someone who can arrange a spider web to form on a good fast car, take her out on a good straight flat open roadway and turn her loose, see if we can determine what speed is required for the breeze to tear off a spider web.


Have we any hotrodders, especially those who live out in the American west somewhere, who can do it?  Or call a buddy in Nevada or something?  Of the water/air flow equations are anywhere near linear at this scale, the wind across even a good fast car or motorcycle wouldn’t be enough to blow away a spider web.


Better idea: we can’t be the first ones who have thought of this.  Someone somewhere has gone hauling ass across some big empty space and noticed the spider webs scarcely notice.  Perhaps they have posted online somewhere?




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