[ExI] IQ and beauty

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Thu Oct 22 04:56:34 UTC 2015

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>...This fact is often used in just so stories to "explain" why Blacks have
different body types from Eskimos.


Little need for the air quotes, professor.  Eskimos and Inuits really do
have that shape, generally.  The ones I saw did.  The equatorial Africans
seem to generally have that tall string-bean build, but my source is
National Geographic rather than firsthand experience.

I had an idea, since we are talking about evolution and sex selection.  We
are considering elk, and we assume they don't ponder too much about their
mates, but rather just do what feels right to their beastly selves.  Humans
on the other hand have a lot of frontal lobe stuff going on, and we very
much do ponder attributes about potential mates, imagine the children we
might produce with them and so forth.

Imagine the native people inhabiting the bitter cold Arctic regions.  Every
population produces some round-bottoms, some boney ones, some tall slender
etc, but it is easy enough to see what body type is going to work better in
a particular setting.  A vacation trip many years ago to Fairbanks Alaska
was most educational: plenty (if not most) of the locals seemed to be that
body type: roundish, short-limbed, short in general.  It seems to me an
Inuit or Eskimo would look at his or her potential mates and intentionally
choose the ones who will be less miserable in the long cold winters.  The
humans know what is coming; they wouldn't just go on beastly intuition, but
rather choose with some frontal-lobe contemplation.  You just wouldn't be as
likely to choose a boney-ass mate up in that setting.  Ja?


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