[ExI] [Bulk] Robot riding a motorcycle

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Thu Oct 29 17:56:30 UTC 2015

On 29 October 2015 at 16:18, spike  wrote:
> OK then, now I am in territory I don't know nearly as well, the sensors.  I
> welcome any sensor hipster assistance, but I am imagining something like a
> pair of GoPros and a pair of MEMS ring laser gyros?  I bet we could
> integrate those signals and figure out a poor-man's control system with that
> input.
> The point of all that: this sport can be done cheaply.  It isn't like Indy
> racing that requires million dollar sponsors; ordinary local clubs could do
> stuff like this, or set up a crowd-funded project.  We could race it alone
> on a track such as Laguna Seca or out on the runway at Moffett Field, so you
> could do time trials and such without risking any expensive nerve-infused
> material, such as skin.  We don't need a humanoid robot to ride an
> unmodified motorcycle.  That is a slightly different and very cool but
> waaaay more expensive sport that what I am suggesting.  Having a humanoid
> robot is way overkill, and risks a lot of expensive hardware.
> Help me envision a poor-man's version of motorcycle racing where we start
> with a crashed bike, replace the broken bits, throw away what we don't need,
> add a few actuators, sensors and processors, convert motorcycle racing from
> an athletic contest to a visually-striking programming exercise.

Hmmm --  I think there is a bit more involved than a few sensors and
processors.  :)

Let Yamaha do all the research, then buy a kit from them.

It might be easier to use one of the new 3-wheel bikes with two
tiltable front wheels.

For racing two-wheelers, I see a stripped down machine. No seat or
controls. Basically just a fairing containing two wheels and an
engine, with the necessary processors etc. inside the fairing,
'Dustbin' fairings are illegal nowadays for racing, but might be OK
for robot machines.

So I think you are a bit early to be developing your own robot racers!  :)


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