[ExI] Promoting biomedical research of aging toward October 1 – the International Day of Older Persons – this year and the next

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Dear friends,

There has been emerging a tradition by longevity researchers and activists
around the world to organize events dedicated to promotion of longevity
research on or around October 1 – the UN International Day of Older Persons.

This day is sometimes referred to in some parts of the longevity activists
community as the “International Longevity Day”. As this is the official UN
Day of Older Persons, this provides the longevity research activists a
perfect opportunity to emphasize the importance of aging and longevity
research for the development of effective health care for the elderly, in
the wide public as well as among decision makers.

Events and promotions around that day, increasing education on biological
and biomedical research of aging and longevity, are now planned in over 30
countries, on 5 continents. The support ranges from small, emerging local
grassroots groups of longevity research activists to scientific societies.

Initiatives toward that day vary from meetings and seminars, including
online and recorded meetings and presentations in different languages,
through special publications, to special promotions, for example, the
distribution of a free e-book on the history of longevity science (
http://www.longevityhistory.com/), a short film contest on life extension (
http://www.heales.org/nhs/index.php/8-english/48-2015compshortmov) or
fundraising actions for longevity research by a crowd-funding platform (
http://www.lifespan.io/) and an outreach platform (
https://www.fightaging.org/fund-research/ ). Additional events, meetings
and promotions are welcome!

The participants in this campaign advocate that the status and support of
this scientific field should be improved within the general framework of
aging advocacy and support for older persons.

And preparations are already made for the next year’s International Day of
Older Persons. Thus, on October 1-2, 2016, the International Society on
Aging and Disease (ISOAD) will hold its next international conference, that
will take place at the University of Stanford CA, US (
http://isoad.org/content.aspx?info_lb=600&flag=103 ). In 2014, the ISOAD
conference in Beijing provided an excellent venue for scientific
presentation http://www.aginganddisease.org/EN/10.14336/AD.2015.0115 as
well as public advocacy for aging research
http://www.aginganddisease.org/EN/10.14336/AD.2014.1210 with leading
researchers from around the world showcasing the advance and promise of the
field and calling for its increased support. Hopefully, the 2016 conference
in Stanford will continue the tradition of excellence. The list of topics
ranges from interventions for longevity through stem cell research,
metabolism, age-related cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases,
genetics and systems biology of aging, protein oxidation and DNA damage and
repair, immunity and translational studies of aging, to public support for
aging research, and more


The conference will involve leading scientists and provide a broad
international platform for cooperation and knowledge exchange.

The submission of abstracts and proposals is started and welcome.


Additional events and promotions, as well as outreach to relevant decision
makers and officials, drawing their attention to the critical importance of
biological and biomedical research of aging for the sustainable aging
society, are welcome.

Hopefully, thanks to such meetings and promotions, the importance of the
field will be widely recognized, and the support for the field will be

Thank you for your support.

Ilia Stambler, PhD

Outreach Coordinator. International Society on Aging and Disease – ISOAD


ilia.stambler at gmail.com






Ilia Stambler, PhD

Outreach Coordinator. International Society on Aging and Disease - ISOAD

Chair. Israeli Longevity Alliance / International Longevity Alliance
(Israel) - ILA *http://www.longevityisrael.org/

Coordinator. Longevity for All http://www.longevityforall.org

Author. Longevity History. *A History of Life-Extensionism in the Twentieth
Century* http://longevityhistory.com

Email: ilia.stambler at gmail.com

Tel: 972-3-961-4296 / 0522-283-578

Rishon Lezion. Israel
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