[ExI] Cramer on impossibility of FTL communication

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> In this case, the problem seems to be the limited speed of transmission of
> information about the information.If you entangle photons A and B, let B
> travel away, then measure A, you know what B is...but your knowledge of it
> is not immediately available where B is.  You can tell people, but that
> itself does not travel faster than light.  As far as B and those around it
> are concerned, B remains entangled until the light cone of your measurement
> of A reaches them.Is that not the case?
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lthough influences can be transferred faster than light this can not be
used to send a message. Think of quantum entanglement as 2 entangled coins,
I have one and you have the other, no matter how far apart we are if I flip
my coin and it comes up heads then when you flip your coin it will always
come up heads, if my coin is tails then so will your coin be when you flip
it. As marvelous as this fact is there is no way I can use the coins to
send you a message because I have no control over my coin, it could come
out heads or tails, so you see just randomness in the coin toss just like I
do. It is only when we communicate through conventional means (at the speed
of light or less) do we realize that my apparently random sequence of coin
tosses and your apparently random sequence of coin tosses are identical.
And you need more than that to send a message.

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