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On Sep 2, 2015 11:57 AM, "Adrian Tymes" <atymes at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Sep 2, 2015 11:07 AM, "scerir at alice.it" <scerir at alice.it> wrote:
> > No story in space-time can describe nonlocal correlations: we have no
> >  in our story-toolbox to talk about nonlocal correlations (Gisin).
> >  we usually say things like "event A influences event B", or
> > "event A has a spooky action at a distance on event B" or
> >  "event A causes a collapse of the wavefunction at location B".
> >  But we know that this is all wrong: there is no time ordering between
> >  events A and B ("acausality").
> More to the point, A and B are both caused by Z.
> Event A does nothing at location B, period.
> Event A causes people at A to know something about B by logical
inference.  This itself does not actually do anything at B.  The knowledge
about what is at B can not reach B at faster than light.
> This applies to nonquantum things too.  Let us say you have a bag of 15
apples.  I take some number and leave.  Some time later, you count and find
you have 10 apples.  You thus know I took 5, but does that measurement
actually cause anything at my location to happen?  It does not.  I had
taken 5 apples all along; that you have measured this does not now cause
that fact to spring into being, but only to become known to you.

Let us take this one step further.

Let us posit the existence of some universal observer.  Let us call it God,
because God knows all.

God sees two entangled photons being formed, and knows their properties.
God does not tell you, but God knows.

Some time later, you find out the state of one of them.  Does this cause a
change in the other?  No: it is still as God always knew it was, and a
chain of knowledge can be traced back to the origin when the two photons
were at the same place so as to get entangled.

(If you wish to take this as proof of God's existence, go ahead, but I find
it insufficient for the modern general case.)
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