[ExI] Personal BIG Data - How much?

J. Andrew Rogers andrew at jarbox.org
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Intentionally emitting or passively emitting? The definition of “personal” is fuzzy because we are all constantly leaking bits into the environment. The quantity of data is quite large in the aggregate.

For example, in the United States they collect about 3 MB/day of telemetry from your mobile phone which includes just about every measurable aspect of your activity. There are other autonomous systems that are collecting similar quantities of data about each individual. And obviously companies like Facebook and Google explicitly mine content the content itself for personal data. 

A lot of personal information is latent and reconstructible on demand, not explicit, and the methods are extremely sophisticated. Even if you have no explicit electronic footprints, your existence perturbs the data that is being collected such that the existence of a dark entity can be inferred and in some cases identified. Mere gaps in electronic footprints can commonly be filled in analytically even if there is no personal data for those gaps per se.

It is difficult to put an exact number on the size of your personal data for the same reason it is difficult to create a meaningful personal data privacy policy. Much of that data does not exist anywhere in a real sense, it is often generated out of thin air as desired from data that is ubiquitous and innocuous.

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> Your electronic information emitting from you through your devices. <>
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>> Does anyone know how to find out what your approximate personal BIG data is?  
> I am unfamiliar with the definition of "personal BIG data”. Could you unpack that a bit more?
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