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Spike, this is good stuff - I suggest, with no tongue in cheek,that you apply to The Onion for a job.  (to anticipate your response - 'For crying out loud!')

   bill w




The Onion?  HA!  I LAUGH at the Onion!


Oh wait…


BillW, may I suggest a helpful note on spelling, sir: especially for well-known phrases, intentionally incorrect spelling can help depict the way an expression is properly pronounced, which is why I sometimes use the term “kinda” for instance.  


The huge breakthrough in the technology of writing over three millennia ago was phonetics.  That invention is the reason western civilization ended up with our 26 characters, resulting in a manageable keyboard, rather than the eastern civilization’s seven jillion-character nightmare which to this day limits their collective education opportunities.  Chinese laptop computers require a quarter ton pickup truck and at least four husky young men to hoist.  The Chinese term for laptop computer is itself used as an ironic self-contradiction:  


Those Chinese, always the fun, lighthearted jokers.  


Their characters are pictographs of a sort.  If you study the figure above, the three waterdrop-like strokes represent tears or beads of sweat from the kinda U-shaped stroke, which represents the condition of the suffering user trapped and crushed beneath all that structure above her there in her lap, as the parameds with their jaws-of-life and furniture movers struggle to get the goddam thing off of her before she perishes.


Western-style laptops are much more merciful devices, even those brutal slugs of computational incompetence from the 1980s.


Other good examples of phonetic spelling:  HOLee schlaMOLy, and your example, when used in a sentence: fer CRYin out LOUD, Hillary, not aNOTHER scandal!  (Today’s headlines hit close to home, being heavily invested as I am in online education.  But I digress.)


Humility compels me to admit I ripped off the Onion and adapted their Despondex video for that pro-psychotic riff:










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