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>>. Today's headlines hit close to home, being heavily invested as I am in
online education.


>. What headlines? 


This one.  I paid them thousands, and it all went bad:


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Kidding, bygones.  This one (sheesh):




My own alma mater had an honorary chancellor.  He didn't need to actually do
anything, and was "paid" with the tacit understanding he would donate all
the money back to the college (so the honorary (and honorable) recipient
didn't pay any tax on his "salary.")  The college gave him a plaque to note
his generosity and support in giving back his honorary paycheck.  They
intentionally chose a rich guy (O.D. McKee (the founder and owner of Little
Debbie Bakery Products)) hoping he would give back more than he was paid
(which he did several times over (so do devour Little Debbie products.))  


This story makes it sound like Laureate International University's
"honorary" chancellor Clinton may have kept the "salary."  Those of us who
performed heroics of meager frugality, making our finest achievements in the
field of parsimonious austerity in our college days to get by on practically
nothing while working our boney asses off to pay the tuition will likely
take note of this story.  Plenty of us have been there.  When students are
living in. well never mind. and in some cases selling their bodies (not mine
(couldn't give it away)) to pay the bills, honorable people do not keep
"salaries" for "honorary" positions.  That's something a Dishonorary
Chancellor would do.  Bad move, BillC, baaaaad move, shame.



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