[ExI] Cramer on impossibility of FTL communication

Diego Saravia dsa at unsa.edu.ar
Fri Sep 4 14:50:10 UTC 2015

> ​A​
> lthough influences can be transferred faster than light this can not be
> used to send a message. Think of quantum entanglement as 2 entangled coins,
> I have one and you have the other, no matter how far apart we are if I flip
> my coin and it comes up heads then when you flip your coin it will always
> come up heads,

when you flip? How much time could take from one experiment to other,
without breaking
the entanglement?  Is not possible to use time to transmit info? I meassure
one coin, the other part notice that you meassure it. Time between two
experiments for example.

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