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>>…I wouldn’t be surprised if someone makes a guided autonomous weapon from a self-driving car in the near-term future, perhaps the next decade...


### Well, it's true that it took a long time to catch Mr Kaczynski... but then mail-bombs don't seem to put a serious monkey-wrench in the functioning of our society, so I expect the same of robot car bombs.





Ja, you are right on that: the only real change is that a bad guy could send a bigger bomb on shorter notice, but it is analogous to mail bombs which we have always had.  ISIS could wreck antiquities from a distance without actually having to conquer the territory.  The two warring branches of Episcopalians could attack each other’s gatherings.  Drive-by shootings could be done with robotic cars, that sort of thing.  Dopers could deliver contraband to each other without risk of being caught.  Mob hits might change from getting cement boots to going for a long ride on the freeway.


The first commercially-available completely robotic cars might be hot theft items because it enables so many crimes.  So they need to have a feature where they can be disabled remotely.  Even then, you might have a bad guy in the form of a little old lady with no criminal record, who buys robot car, sells it to bad guy for twice what she paid, to someone she doesn’t know, new owner does all the stuff we already thought of, constables have no way of knowing whodunit, little old lady buys her next robo-car, and on it goes.





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