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On 10 September 2015 at 14:40, spike  wrote:

>>... Oy vey!  ...  Well, technically the doctor is Italian.  But the first
cranionaut is Russian... spike

>...Faux news omits to mention that it will probably happen in China.


>...(Are the Chinese still commies? or some weird mixture?)  :)

Eh, hard to say really.  The Chinese are commies who recognize that
capitalism is the way to prosperity.  It seems they never really drank
deeply of Marx's koolaid:  Mao was more of a pragmatist than an ideologue.
When a government is surrounded by a billion hungry people, one does
whatever works to stay alive.

>...Okay then, how about getting an additional head, like Zaphod Beeblebrox?

If they can transplant an additional head, seems they could duplicate the
man stuff down south.

>...Would that help?

Hmmmm, hard to say.  If they figure out how to wire up a second one and make
it do what the original does, then you know the yahoos will want a third and
a fourth.  It could give a whole new meaning to the phrase Joe six-pack.  If
you had several of them, it would be so hard to concentrate, trying to
satisfy them all, a full-time job.  We wouldn't get anything else done.  

Hey, perhaps we have stumbled onto the best explanation for the absence of
signals in the cosmos.

>... Or just cause arguments?  BillK

No doubt it would do that.  Those might be some really different arguments
(Hey, don't go!  I still have two rounds left!  (But I suppose we could
duplicate the lady business too.  (Or create beings who have one of each.
(Or more.  (With variations on the theme.  (Such beings would definitely be
too busy to transmit radio signals.  (Yes, BillW, I am having fun in


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