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>…Russia is not communist any longer but it is back to its old white Russia tsarist ways…


Old habits die hard.  It’s too bad: they were good competitors there for a while.  Competition breeds excellence (assuming of course it doesn’t result in the competitors nuking the planet to a sterile radioactive wasteland.)




>>…Well, technically the doctor is Italian…


>…As you noted doctor is our compatriot so a westerner. If this succeeds Canavero should be elevated to the pantheon of Galileo, Fermi, Marconi and other great Italian science mavericks. 


Ja!  You guys are really on it in the math world, from way back.  There was a good site on this topic several years ago I can’t find now, called WopsInMath (their term, not mine) which listed several Italian math biggies and gave good bios and summaries of their contributions and discoveries.  


Many of my personal favorites are Italian:  Fibonacci, da Vinci (he counts, even if he did a lotta lotta other stuff) Galileo, Ricci, Cataldi, de Terzi, Corsini, Lagrange was one of yours, and these are all just the old timers I can think of, because I lose count of all those in the 1800s and later.  


Compare to the USA, or just say the North American continent.  Well no, either of the Americas.  We had no mathematicians of note before the 19th century that I can think of, none.  Anyone?  Does Ben Franklin count for the magic square?  Eh, not really, or not much.  The Mayan pyramid builders must have had some math, but somehow it all came to naught.  There were plenty of humans here a long time ago, but I know of not one important mathematical discovery from the Americas, North or South, from the old days, nada.  







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