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>…What happens is that the new mean intelligence is 150+ (as by the old scale), turning into a new normal distribution. (I ran a quick Matlab test). 


On 2015-09-10 23:15, William Flynn Wallace wrote:

>>… If all people with IQs below 150 became sterile, would the gene pool that
> was left eventually create a population averaging 100 IQ?... bill w​



Please those who are hipsters on the topic, especially those with formal training, BillW: what is the modern thinking on the notion of IQ?  Last I heard it was falling out of favor because we never have established a way to measure it such that various tests return similar results, or even the same test returns similar scores for the same person.


Do colleges ever use IQ as an admissions criterion.  I know MENSA has its own test, but are there other uses?


I see there is a 12 yr old girl in the news they keep trying to sell as being more intelligent than Einstein, but not actually explaining where that notion came from.  Did she discover a mistake in the General Theory of Relativity?  Then what?


Anders, BillW, do bring me up to date on IQ please, or anyone else here.




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